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Coaches Testimonial:
"Your team did an awesome job with my girls this past summer. They made so much progress through the summer.  In a big way, you have made a huge difference with many of my athletes.  I have more asking about it already!!! Please pass along a huge thank you from me and my staff to all of the people who helped my athletes this summer!!!  Your team did an awesome job with my players!!"

Roxanne Paulsen - Marion High School, Marion,IA
Class 3A State Volleyball Champions
Class 3A Coach of the Year

 Solo-Spike helped my younger players develop confidence with their form and arm swing.  The veteran players also used it to practice techniques of different attacks from different areas of the court.  The Solo-Spike is also great for developing serves such as the jump serve and the roundhouse.  It gives the players the perfect ball placement so they can concentrate on their arm swing.   This device definitely improved my players performance and confidence in the short time we used the machine.  It is well-built and sturdy and will last for many years to come.

Timothy Lutterschmidt

Exciting News.  Brooke got All Conference (only 1 given) and MVP award at Volleyball banquet last night.  She worked for it.  I know that Solo Spike helped to achieve this goal.  She has been doing her drills on the Solo Spike after school.  She really misses the game already.  She has choose not to go out for basketball.

I had several parents asking me about solo spike and gave them what info I know.  Our coach is going to do some type of JO - not sure specifics yet and we are planning an informational meeting in late December and was wondering if you would be able to talk to parents and kids about your individual camp and also possibly a team camp at that time.  I will call you at a later date and chat in more detail.

Pam Dunkelbeck, Parent  

I wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know that we (Chicago Christian High School) had a very successful season going 31-6 and though we lost in our sectional finals, the girls, coaches and myself feel we couldn't have had the success we did, if it wasn't for the Solospike we purchased.  It gave my girls max reps without having to shag balls and get tired as fast because of having to shag.  We used it at all levels, Freshmen, sophomore, JV and varsity and all benefited from the training

James Garcia
Head Varsity Volleyball
Chicago Christian High School
Coach, Ultimate Volleyball Club
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