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Multiple training levels make the "SoloSpike Hitters Club" appropriate for all ages and skill levels. Athletes will train in a small group environment with like athletes under the direction of a Certified SoloSpike Instructor. Pre/Post testing, digital video analysis and player evaluations are completed for each athlete. With the use of our Dartfish video technology and SoloSpike's advanced hitting system, this program provides our staff and your athletes with the tools to develop long term changes in dynamic hitting and the development of muscle memory through focused repetitions. As players go through the program they will see significant increase in vertical and attack height. This is way the program also includes live ball hitting on the net. With years of proven results and continual research, SoloSpike and SoloSports Advanced Technologies are changing the way to develop mechanically sound, fundamentally driven, peak conditioned volleyball athletes.

SoloSpike Hitters Club Program
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