SoloAssist SA2000
SoloAssist (SA2000)
Solosports Advanced Technologies is proud to offer the the new SoloAssist.  The SoloAssist is a  free Standing setting and passing trainer. This product was designed for coaches or trainers who typically do most of their training in their own facility.   The SoloAssisst is noted for its ease of movement around the court and as sturdy reliable training tool.  
A durable steel frame supported by a stable, wheeled base make this versatile, fully adjustable trainer a soon-to-be stalwart component of all your future practices. The easily reconfigured target consists of a 24-inch (inside diam.) red PVC ring attached to a telescopic aluminum support. A Velcro-attached catch net is also included to minimize ball retrieval time. Whetheryou're looking to improve your precision or simply can't find a volley-partner, this trainer will make sure you're set up.

Price $325.00

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