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SoloSpike LS2500 Pro Model for Schools and Clubs

The NEW SoloSpike LS2500 is the premiere attack and spike trainer available today! Its sturdy, ergonomically correct design allows many players to take multiple attacks in a short amount of time, without ever having to shag a ball!  Because the ball never leaves the SoloSpike, it allows players to work on hitting mechanics and reinforce good footwork and armswing mechanics.

The SoloSpike LS2500 is perfect for teaching full arm extension, body mechanics and all other hitting fundamentals. It is the only training tool without straps or bands around the ball and only one connection on either side, allowing for a natural ball strike.

The SoloSpike LS2500 is easily adjusted to a each player's hitting height, and can also be adjusted for blocking and setting. The portable base design makes it easy for anyone to move, and the unit disassembles into 3 parts for simple storage. Ideal for the school, club and individual setting, players and coaches everywhere are jumping at the opportunity to get the SoloSpike advantage!
  •    Improved Lift System - Turn clockwise to lower and counter-clockwise to raise, that's it. We've made it a one hand operation. The gears are chromium plated to extend the crank lifetime.
  •     New Portable Base -  The SoloSpike LS2500 now has a new plastic base.  This allows for easy movement form court to sand or grass.  The new base can be filled with water, sand or gravel.  It also has a compartment if you want to just put weight in the back compartment to hold the SoloSpike up.  
  •     Single Pole Design - The SoloSpike LS2000 single pole construction has several advantages. The SoloSpike is now lighter, making daily set-up and take-down more convenient. The center pole is completely enclosed for added safety and the unit can be shipped assembled.
  •      Height Indicator - The SoloSpike LS2000 has an integrated height indicator allowing coaches and trainers to monitor player exertion levels and gauge athlete progress. SoloSpike is now all you need to take vertical measurements.
  •      Nylon Gasket Guidance System - The SoloSpike LS2500 is smoother and quieter during operation due to the improved guidance system. Longevity of the lift system and reduced wear on moving parts are also advantages of this improvement.
Product Price: $3199.00 plus Shipping
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