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Gymstick "Simply Effective"

Gymstick Original offers a range of personal fitness training programs, post rehabilitation training and sports performance training. Today, more than ever, people are willing to train smartly taking into consideration the well-being, core stabilization, muscular endurance, strength, balance and coordination. It is not easy to find a fitness product that can fulfill so many diverse needs. Gymstick Original meets the exercise needs of everybody - from juniors to seniors, from rehab patients to world class athletes and all fitness enthusiasts from beginners
to professional bodybuilders simply because it is so small,
light, cost-effective, easyand safe to use and it really
adapts to your fitness level and starts developing it
immediately towards the goal you have set - perhaps
with the help of your Doctor, Therapist or Trainer.

Gymstick "Simply Practical"

Whether you are an athlete in training, a fitness enthusiast, or simply toning your body, the Gymstick is the ultimate resistance trainer for you.  The Gymstick is known for its capacity to improve your core strength and balance.  In addition, the Gymstick can be used to circuit train, for speed and agility training, as an aerobic workout, in place of your weight room workout and during pilates and yoga workouts.   It's that versatile!  The Gymstick weighs less then 3 pounds and stores anywhere, which means your exercise room can be anywhere in your home.  Because the Gymstick uses resistance bands, it is safe for your joints.  With the help of a doctor, the Gymstick can be used in rehabilitation.  It's that safe.    

Product Price: $85.00 plus Shipping
(Special pricing Available on bulk orders.)

Multiple Resistance levels Availaible.
(Contact SoloSpike at or 877-765-6774 to determine appropriate resisance level.)
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