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What gets you noticed by the varsity coach? Dynamic Hitting!
SoloSpike's Beginners Foundational Hitting Camp is designed for beginning level hitters. The goal of this 2 - 3 day camp is to evaluate current hitting biomechanics and teach proper technique to get you or your young athlete noticed. SoloSpike Beginners Hitters camp is designed for players 10 years to 14 years old, who are looking at developing a dynamic swing and consistent attack. The camp will include player analysis, footwork progressions, armswing progressions, and live-ball hitting on the net. The camp runs 2-3 days for a total of 7-12 hours of training. The first day consists of video capture and evaluation, followed by small group hitting development. Day 2 & or 3 involves group training and hitting on the net. Players will learn basic core rotation hitting and technique development, to make your athlete a more consistent, dynamic, and exciting attacker. For more information and details on the training, click the link below.

SoloSpike Foundational Hitting Camps
For more information or to set up a clinic, Contact: Dave Omtvedt
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