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 "Your team did an awesome job with my girls this past summer. They made so much progress through the summer.  In a big way, you have made a huge difference with many of my athletes.  I have more asking about it already!!! Please pass along a huge thank you from me and my staff to all of the people who helped my athletes this summer!!!  Your team did an awesome job with my players!!"

Roxanne Paulsen - Marion High School
Iowa Class 3A State Volleyball Champions
Iowa Class 3A Coach of the Year

Alabama Training Programs

SoloSpike Hitters Clubs are designed for volleyball athletes 13 - 24 looking to develop strong hitting biomechancis as well as game like speed, agility and strength.  The soloSpike Hitters Club programs are programs based on the development of muscle memory through repetition.   For more information, Click here!
SoloSpike 1st Steps Programs are designed for beginning level athletes 8 - 13 years old.  This program focuses on base fundementals of serving, hitting, Setting and ball control.  Players wil train in a small group enviorment, twice a week for and hour each session for 8 weeks.  This allows us develop long term changes in muscle memory.  For more informatio, Click Here!
SoloSpike Camps are custom designed specifically for your program.  If you are looking for a camp for yourself of for your team, SoloSpike Certified Instructors are very skilled in training the fundementals needed to propell your team to the next level.  For more information, Click Here!
SoloSpike Hitting Player Analysis Clinic is a 3 hour training program designed to evaluate, educate and develop a players volleyball biomechanics.  This program is great to show the player where they are at and how to get where they want to be.  For more information, Click Here!
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