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The SoloSpike player development philosophy revolves around the guiding principle of player education.  Player education forms the foundation for efficient athlete development and biomechanical correction.  Regardless of age or level of play every player has the ability to create improvements in performance through a better understanding of their own mechanics and the role that it plays in their ultimate success.  Education leads to improvements in other factors of performance including power, speed, coordination and resistance to injury.

Player education begins with seeing.  It is imperative that every athlete is afforded the opportunity to view themselves performing the skill that will be evaluated.  SoloSpike utilizes Dartfish technology to create an environment where every athlete can witness and learn about the volleyball approach and swing using their own swing as the resource.  SoloSpike has developed primary key positions that guide each athlete through the progression of the skill.  Every individual piece of the approach plays a major role in the outcome and it is the mastery of each of the individual pieces that creates a consistent and powerful swing.

Using the video analysis as a template the athlete applies what they have learned about themselves to the progressions of drills that have been developed by SoloSpike to correct and refine mechanics.  The drills are based on mastery of the key positions and allow for many repetitions to be completed in a short period of time.  SoloSpike seeks to effectively impact the muscle memory of every athlete in order to create a permanent change in skill level and enhance injury prevention. 

The final aspect of SoloSpike player development is specific to addressing physical limitations.  Through the course of evaluation, education and skill correction the developmental needs identified can include strength, flexibility and/or neuromuscular coordination.  These areas must be addressed in a balanced and logical sequence that matches the demands of the sport in order to develop a biomechanically sound, fast and powerful hitter. 

SoloSpike is dedicated to creating positive change in every athlete that utilizes our equipment and training programs.  We at SoloSpike take pride in utilizing technology and research to make every volleyball player the best volleyball player they can be.

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